Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Economic improvement has allowed a noticeable upturn in the number of new patients starting treatment since July. Many, many adults and young people are seeing firsthand the magic that Orthodontics promotes in an attractive smile and healthy bite. Ceramic, and true invisible or lingual braces can help erase that stigma that many older patients feel subconsciously, It is often these thoughts of the braces "showing" or "hurting" that undermine a lifetime connection. Let us show you all the improvements and options that will change your opinion of braces forever.
Happy Holidays to all our patients new and old from our team at Dr Pierces office!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Annual Keys Game Night UpDate

On Friday night Aug 26 , I threw out the opening pitch in front of a fully packed Grove Stadium. The excitement was intense, and the keys went on to tie the game in regulation. In the end , it was a loss in inning 11. Family and friends enjoyed the game, good food and excellent fireworks at the close. I have some great photos and video with Miss Maryland, Miss Teenage Maryland, and our entire group on Facebook,website and tweet. Don't forget to join us next year!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keys Baseball Even

It's that time of year again for our staff, family and friends to enjoy a night out at Grove Stadium-Frederick Keys baseball and Fireworks! As a billboard sponsor for over 12 years with the Keys, my staff and I take a lot of pride in our support and affiliation with this team and town. It is a good partnership as you will find in any small-medium city in America. Friendly, family-focused and quality minor league play all combine with imaginitive promotions for a great in expensive evening of fun. Come join us again, on Friday night August 26th behind the backstop on the first base side. Get on film for our website, and yell at Dr Pierce when he throws out the opening pitch!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Orthodontics

Summer is traditionally the time of year for many new orthodontic patients to experience for the first time an appliance, retainer, or fixed braces. Often the summer visit to the general dentist results in the referral to the orthodontic specialist for a look at what's happening to the smile or bite. It's not a bad thing for kids (or adults) to get used to the feeling and maintenance of braces in the summer before school starts or when work vacations are frequent. No doubt the decision of when to start usually has a lot to do with flexible schedules and free time --and that is why we are so busy from July 4th 'til Thanksgiving. The younger patients (Phase I) who have removable bite plates or growth appliances can learn the responsibilities involved with new appliance care during summer. We are motivational experts at working with you and/or your child's ability to achieve your greatest results. Come and see us this summer!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frederick Keys Opening Day and Lingual Braces

Opening night this year, April 12th, with the Frederick Keys was rainy and dreary weather-wise, but was an exciting social and culinary get-together with all the major supporters and advertisers. The club skybox was the site of an incredible buffet spread (see YouTube link on homepage) with everything from steamship round roast beef and sushi, to great drinks and dessert. The stadium lights came on early, and the grounds crew removed the infield tarp. The Keys lost a close game, but things bode well for 2011!
The only truly invisible braces that allow full control of each tooth are applied on the tongue side of the teeth, and are called "lingual braces." Many patients are trying the new "tray aligners" to straighten teeth without traditional fixed braces, but are often disappointed at the case finish. Check out an unusual video of the step-by-step process of bonding lingual braces! Simply click the YouTube link on our homepage!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Early Treatment is Sometimes Necessary

Seven years of age is an important structural and statural landmark in a child's life when it comes to correcting bones and teeth. Often, an overbite or underbite is due to jaw bones, not teeth, growing in disharmony. The correction of the bones must begin very early while the bones are changing rapidly. Bones can be stimulated to grow more, expanded with a palate spreader, or impeded with different treatment modalities. This is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends seven (7) years old for the first visit to the orthodontist for every child in the U.S. whether referred by the general dentist or not. Early intervention (called Phase I) can sometimes be the difference between extracting adult teeth and jaw surgery or not. Many families are moving off the sidelines and getting into the ballgame with the strengthening economy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get started today!!!

This is a busy time of year for new orthodontic treatment. The new calendar year brings many new dental plans with orthodontic benefits for the first time. Flex spending plans begin again for the year allowing new patient records and down payments to finally be covered for case starts. With these financial incentives and a flexible, no-interest monthly payment plan getting started is so much easier than it has ever been before. Let my treatment coordinator and I work out something special for you to make that dream begin today--that magical smile and healthy bite that you maybe have been putting off. Call us today!