Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Orthodontics

Summer is traditionally the time of year for many new orthodontic patients to experience for the first time an appliance, retainer, or fixed braces. Often the summer visit to the general dentist results in the referral to the orthodontic specialist for a look at what's happening to the smile or bite. It's not a bad thing for kids (or adults) to get used to the feeling and maintenance of braces in the summer before school starts or when work vacations are frequent. No doubt the decision of when to start usually has a lot to do with flexible schedules and free time --and that is why we are so busy from July 4th 'til Thanksgiving. The younger patients (Phase I) who have removable bite plates or growth appliances can learn the responsibilities involved with new appliance care during summer. We are motivational experts at working with you and/or your child's ability to achieve your greatest results. Come and see us this summer!!!